Using Qualtrics for Linguistic Research [script]

This is a tutorial developed by Zack Jaggers for conducting online research through Qualtrics. Whatever your platform, conducting online research can be a pain if you’re not able to customize everything to your needs with HTML or JavaScript knowledge.

I needed to run an online ABX discrimination task with over 300 randomized audio files. In short, I extracted Qualtrics file IDs from the HTML code in the Qualtrics file library and then recreated links in bulk in a spreadsheet so that they pipe into the built-in Loop & Merge feature on Qualtrics. Most of the footwork was done using Regular Expressions in Python.

Queer Speech Archive

This is a public spreadsheet of collected works that focus on the perception of sexual orientation from speech. It grew out of an annotated bibliography I made for Dr. Marc Garellek’s phonetics seminar on the history of phonetics in Winter 2022 at UCSD.

It is not peer reviewed, contains some errors, and paraphrases considerable content from each cited work, but if you’re interested in sociolinguistics, phonetics, and the perception of gender and sexuality, I hope that this helps you with your next literature review.

Many thanks to my RAs, Elyse, Vivian, and Haley, for their work in reviewing, organizing, and entering all of this information.