About Me

My research interests are primarily in phonetics and neuroscience and I study the behavioral and neural bases of speech production and perception.

I am a 3rd year PhD student and researcher in the Linguistics department at University of California, San Diego, working with Dr. Marc Garellek and Dr. Will Styler.

I am also a Visiting Scholar in the Neuroscience of Language Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi, directed by Dr. Liina Pylkkänen and Dr. Alec Marantz.

I am most interested in asking questions about how speakers learn, produce, and perceive the speech sounds of the world’s languages (L2 acquisition, bilingualism), how the human brain processes these sounds (neurolinguistics), and how listeners use these sounds to understand the identity of the speaker (sociophonetics). I am also a hearing signer who is interested in how signed languages may broaden the scope of phonetic theory.

My research intersects with neuroscience, cognitive science, and computational social science, and I use a variety of methods (behavioral, MEG, MRI) to investigate human language.

Prior to arriving at UCSD, I completed my B.A. (’15) in Language and Mind at New York University, working primarily with Dr. Lisa Davidson, and my M.A. (’16) in French Studies at the New York University Institute of French Studies, with a focus on decolonization, marginalization, and gender and sexuality in the contemporary Francophone world.

Outside of the lab, you can find me playing marimba, baking cookies, fighting monsters, enjoying a day at the beach, or wishing I was in Paris.


  • American English (California)
  • French (Parisian Standard)
  • Arabic (Modern Standard, Levantine, Gulf)
  • Spanish (Mexican)
  • American Sign Language
  • Khaleeji Bastaki (UAE)